BREWERY | 天山酒造

Tenzan Brewery

Tenzan began as a water mill in 1861, producing flour and soba noodles and rice polishing services for neighboring sake breweries. In 1875, a neighboring sake brewery going out of business begged Tenzan to not only buy out their sake equipment but the brewery itself. Not being able to turn their neighbors down, Tenzan bought the entire business and thus Tenzan's own sake business began. In 1959 they closed their water mill to focus solely on their sake brewing business. Today, Tenzan is led by the 6th generation of the Shichida family, and they continue to brew sake in Oji City, known as the land of good water and fireflies, and sell sake, shochu, and liqueur.





Flagship Product

Shichida Junmai


Saga Prefecture

Located in Kyushu, the southernmost island of the four main islands of Japan, Saga Prefecture is famous for its production of ceramics and porcelain. Tenzan is located in Oji City, known as the home to clear waters and fireflies. Its waters are so famous in fact, that it's listed in Japan's "100 Remarkable Waters."

Head Brewer - Toji

Jun Goto

Originally an electronic engineer that dealt with sensors, Goto joined Tenzan from his love of sake and dreams of becoming a Toji that understood every process of sake brewing, from rice to its final incarnation of sake. He contributed greatly in every step of his career—starting as a seasonal hire, then a salaried member of the team, and in becoming Toji; Tenzan sakes have continually received high honors from national and international sake competitions since his rise to Toji. He continues to work hard, making his motto an old sake saying: "wajo ryoshu," meaning "harmony brews good sake."




Awards & Accolades

- US Sake National Appraisal, Emerald Award

- International Wine Challenge, trophy in Sparkling Division

- Kuramaster, President Award

Our Mission

We value the word "Fueki Ryuko" (principle of immobility and fluidity) in the words of Basho Matsuo (Japnese haiku poet) in the making of sake. We believe the importance of balancing Immobility—producing quality sake that enhances the natural resources of Oji city that we've treasured since the founding of the company—with Fluidity—challenging ourelves by producing sake that adapts to the lifestyle of the modern drinker—and continue to challenge ourselves fearlessly in the art of crafting sake.


Water and Rice

Water: Underground water of the Tenzan Mountains, 8-9 °dH, medium soft water Rice: 70-80% using local Saga Yamada Nishki, Saga no Hou, Reihou, etc. Local Saga rice; varieties used include Yamada Nishki, Saga no Hou, Reihou

Underground water of the Tenzan Mountains

Local Saga Rice