Intro to Sake Set A

Hakutsuru Brewery Masumi/Miyasaka Brewery

Best introduction sake to drink. Hakutsuru Nigori Sake. Masumi Okuden Sake. Beginner Sake. Intro to Sake. Introduction to world of sake.

Intro to Sake Set A

Hakutsuru Brewery Masumi/Miyasaka Brewery

In this set, you will find two great starter sake options. They’re mellow, easy-to-drink, pair great with food, and provide a great entry point into the world of sake at a great price point.

Bottle 1 - Hakutsuru Sayuri Nigori

A gentle junmai nigori, aptly named Sayuri, meaning little lily. Soft and floral, this nigori is barely filtered to allow the aromatic sediments to remain, resulting in this dreamy, cloudy look.

Bottle 2 - Masumi "Okuden Kantsukuri"

In creating Okuden, the toji imagined a junmai that could be enjoyed warm, in a casual setting to relax, not for special occasions. Its mellow and mild-mannered characteristics and comfortingly familiar among long-time sake-drinkers. It's the favorite old jeans that fit you like a glove. 

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Oh sweet, gentle Sayuri. This is the sake equivalent of a soft, inviting down comforter that you just want to snuggle in like a hibernating bear cub. Starting with a light-as-a-feather nose of cream, cherry blossoms, and white grapes, it envelopes your palate in a watery cushion with subtle fruity notes of ripe cantaloupe and strawberry. It's easy, but not simple. Dive into this lush, creamy sake after a long work day when you just feel like a tired bag of bones, or after an exciting day where you want to calm your overly-stimulated nerves.


The well-worn jeans of the sake world, nothing beats the comfort that this sake gives. Smooth from the code moment it touches your lips, it has a soft aroma of mixed berries, melon, and earthiness. The toji has made efforts to keep the original rice flavors, and the abundance of amino acids gives this junmai a plush roundness that is highlighted when warmed.




Hakutsuru "Sayuri Nigori" - Pairs well with dishes with a little kick to them, like noodles with spicy broth, kimchi fried rice, enchiladas, or desserts like chocolate.

Masumi "Okuden Kantsukuri" - Goes well with Japanese comfort foods—try it with grilled fish, tempura, yakitori, hot pot, marinated chicken and pork dishes.


Hakutsuru "Sayuri Nigori" - Best served chilled or at room temperature, in a wine glass.



Masumi "Okuden Kantsukuri" - Great chilled, but even better warm. Serve in a tumbler if chilled, ochoko when warmed.