Plum Wine Party

Hakutsuru Brewery Kamoizumi Brewery

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Plum Wine Party

Hakutsuru Brewery Kamoizumi Brewery

Bottle 1 - Hakutsuru Plum Wine

Extremely unique plum wine Unlike regular Japanese umeshu (plum wine), this one is closer to actual wine in that it is made by fermenting pureed Japanese plums, opposed to regular umeshu, made with whole plums, rock sugar and spirits. The result is a semi-sweet, slightly tart wine with pleasing fruity plu aromas and bright and tangy notes. Sweet and tart, like memories of your first love.

Bottle 2 - Kamoizumi "Umeshu"

This umeshu is made from organic plums from the Kishu region, where the best umes are produced, artisanal rock sugar, and pure junmai sake. What we get is a light, a little tart, a little sweet, low-alcohol liqueur. The best thing about umeshu? It's suitable for any occasion: as an aperitif, with dinner, or after a hot soak in the tub at the end of a long day, with a spritz of club soda and a clink of ice. It's sure to make your night.   

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A bright plum wine, with refreshing, tart, semi-sweet, and tangy taste, and aromas of well-matured plums. A wonderful way to enjoy all the facets of plum flavors.


Plum-forward aromas, but very natural; in the mouth, there's the distinctive plum skin tartness and fills the mouth with sweet fruit flavor, but delicate and still keeping its freshness. Long finish with a salty, mineral tang.




Hakutsuru Plum Wine - Great as an aperitif, enjoy this with cheese plates or desserts. Goes well with pungent, creamy cheeses like Roquefort or Stilton.

Kamoizumi "Umeshu" - Great with strongly-flavored dishes; Chinese food or braised meats go well with umeshu. Also goes great with umami-forward snacks, like cheese, nuts and beef jerky.



Hakutsuru Plum Wine - Chilled, room temperature, or even on the rocks. Enjoy in a whiskey glass or wine glass.

Kamoizumi "Umeshu" - Oh, let me count the ways—chilled, straight, on the rocks, with soda water; there's almost no wrong way to enjoy it. People also enjoy it with a splash of hot water when it gets cold out. Enjoy in a wine glass or whiskey glass.