Senkin "Modern" Kamenoo

Senkin Brewery

Senkin "Modern" Kamenoo Sake

Senkin "Modern" Kamenoo

Senkin Brewery

Starts with an exciting rush of strong, fruity aromatics, but the overall effect is pure, elegant lightness. It packs a punch, but feels like the lightest silk against your skin.

Part of the Modern series where they brew sake that complement the modern Japanese diet (i.e. any and every cuisine), Senkin's Modern Kame-no-o uses the Kame-no-o ("Turtle's tail") rice, the most distinctive of the three rice strains that Senkin Domiane uses. Senkin compares the variety to a wolf in sheep's clothing—soft, with a wild side. (On a side note, this rice variety is so delicate that they cultivate and harvest it BY HAND. Not surprising coming from a country that give massages and beer to their cows. BTW, piping Mozart into the barn for the cows' listening pleasure is apparently a myth. Yes, this saddened me as well.) As one of the early adopters of the Domaine concept, Senkin only uses rice grown within five-minutes from the brewery, and brews using the same local water used to grow the rice. It's a match meant to be.

Senkin brews this sake in two expressions: the Classic and the Modern. Both the Classic Kame-no-o and the Modern Kame-no-o uses the same Kame-no-o rice, same polishing rate, and same yeast; the only element they differ is in their brewing methods. The Modern uses brewing methods backed up by Senkin's cutting-edge analysis, technique, and technology. The resulting sake has a stronger sweet-tart character, making you wonder if you were sipping a ghostly hologram of a slightly sweet white wine. This is not surprising given that the CEO, a former wine sommelier, loves German and Alsace wines. A lovely afternoon could be had doing a tasting with these two bottles if you're looking for a fun, at-home activity in these corona, and hopefully soon, post-corona days.

With a whopping acidity level of 2.2, both of these sakes have a higher-than-usual amount of acidity compared to other sakes (the average is 1.3, wine is somewhere between 3–4.)—some might say it's a very white wine-like sake in this respect, making this an easy transition sake for people starting to dip their toes in the sake world, but also interesting for sake regulars as it sits in a totally different corner from other sakes out there. Of the two, the Modern series has a more showy aroma and juicy acidity, making it easier to pair with non-Japanese cuisines.

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Elegant aromas of soft lychee, banana, peach, and apricot. A strong attack brings forth exquisite sweetness. The rich, silky sweetness is enveloped in clear tartness, and the result of this equation is the perfect amount of heft.


Rice Polishing Ratio

This sake is made from Kame no O Rice that has been polished to 60%.



Pairs well with grilled fish, fresh spring rolls, prosciutto with melon, crab salad, grilled chicken, steamed scallops, marinated salmon.


Best served in a burgundy wine glass, chilled at about 50°–59°F.



One could say Kazuki Usui, head of Senkin Brewery, is the captain that steers the sake ship: not only the ship of his brewery, but the ship of sake trend in general. When Usui, at the age of 28, took over Senkin in 2008 as its 11th generation CEO, Senkin had run to the ground and had to be liquidated. Usui had no experience in sake prior to coming to his family business, but he was coming from the world of wine, working as a restaurant sommelier, then as an instructor at the Japan Sommelier School (now FBO Academy Tokyo) at the age of 22.