Experience the highest level of craft and the exceptional nuances of Dassai sake with the Dassai Signature Tasting Set. With four 300 ml. bottles, you can taste without reserve, and see for yourself why Prime Minister Abe of Japan chose Dassai to present to President Obama in 2014. 

Included in the Signature Tasting Set:

  • Dassai 45
  • Dassai 39
  • Dassai 23
  • Dassai 45 Nigori

*Available for a limited time only

Add Personalized Note for $1

Add Tote Bag for $10

Through crises and difficulties, Asahi Shuzo has carefully innovated their own unique way to brew sake. Over the past few years they adapted their work to produce sake year-round (instead of just during sake season), something all but unheard-of in the industry. By producing sake steadily, they have succeeded in minimizing variables, allowing them to focus on the minutiae of the craft. These details include labor-intensive hand-craft methods that have been proven over centuries to yield better sake, but also the most modern technology applied in the right measure, in the right places.