Senkin "Classic" Omachi

Senkin Brewery

Senkin "Classic" Omachi Sake.

Senkin "Classic" Omachi

Senkin Brewery

A modern sake made with an age-old rice variety.

Senkin Classic Omachi can be described as a wild but elegant sake. The rice used is an old variety called Omachi rice, and their local water is soft; together, their characteristics are steered masterfully to amp up the acidity and sweetness that dances with the umami that comes from the traditional kimoto method of brewing.

Omachi rice is a "pure" rice strain, meaning it wasn't created from crossbreeding two different rice strains. Most sake rice today are crossbreeds, and Omachi is a popular strain to use to crossbreed, and today, it is in the root of 60% of all sake rice. Interesting factoid: When some Japanese people emigrated to California in 1906, they brought with them several strains of Japonica rice. Among them was the Wataribune rice (another name for the Omachi rice), which was then crossbred several generations to become.....CALROSE!!!!! While the Calrose is now, being crossbred multiple times to become what it is today, a distant cry from the Omachi, it's fun to know that we've been so close to a decsendant of the Omachi all this time.

Senkin makes two sakes using the Omachi: the Classic Omachi and the Modern Omachi. They both use the exact same rice and yeast, but with a different brewing method. The Classic series uses the traditional kimoto method, meaning unlike modern brewing methods today, no industrial lactic acid is added. Instead, lactic bacteria that naturally form in the environment is used. What results is a sake with more umami; and thus, a Classic is born.

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A fresh and fruity aroma of lychee and acacia that rejuvenates the senses. Burrow deeper into your senses to get that minerality as well. With flavors of peach, sage, melon rind, and freshly husked rice, this is a dynamic sake that holds its own against rich foods with salt, fat, brine, cream, or umami.


Rice Polishing Ratio

This sake is made from Omachi Rice that has been polished to 50%.



Pairs well with rich foods such as Miso Dengaku, Scallop and Clam Chowder, Roast Chicken with Cream Sauce, Beef and Pepper Stir-fry, Carbonara Pasta and Mac & Cheese!


Chilled at about 50°–59°F, in a Bordeaux wine glass to really get all its aromas; or warmed at about 113°–122°F, in an ochoko.



One could say Kazuki Usui, head of Senkin Brewery, is the captain that steers the sake ship: not only the ship of his brewery, but the ship of sake trend in general. When Usui, at the age of 28, took over Senkin in 2008 as its 11th generation CEO, Senkin had run to the ground and had to be liquidated. Usui had no experience in sake prior to coming to his family business, but he was coming from the world of wine, working as a restaurant sommelier, then as an instructor at the Japan Sommelier School (now FBO Academy Tokyo) at the age of 22.