Warm Sake Wonders

Asahi Shuzo - Kubota Kamoizumi Brewery

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Warm Sake Wonders

Asahi Shuzo - Kubota Kamoizumi Brewery

Bottle 1 - Kubota "Senjyu"

The sake that began it all, Senju was the Kubota line's very first product, introduced in 1985. Brewed to make sake more compatible with the modern diet, it was clean and crisp, completely different from the rich, opulent sake that were in vogue at the time. 35 years later, they have continued to search for a even more fresh sake to adapt with the ever-evolving diets of society. 

Bottle 2 - Kamoizumi "Shusen"

Kamoizumi's flagship sake, Shusen is a statement sake with a full body and strong flavors. Skipping the carbon-filter step to preserve its true aromas, it has a nose filled with woodsy aromas of damp leaves and mushrooms and a sheer, golden tint. Packs a punch, but refreshing.

 720   900
16%  16%



A jubilant nose of banana cream pie, dried fruits, nutmeg, clove and ripe plum, with flavors of caramel and cocoa, all encased in a silky, dry, clean package. Crisp, clean and exciting. So good that you want to have it on hand at all times, so good that you never tire of it.


A ginjo with lots of depth, think of a long walk deep into the heart of the woods. Starts gently with the inviting aromas of shiitake mushroom, damp autumnal leaves, and smoked wood, leading you straight into the thick of the woods, where you get a hint of thick creaminess and anisette flavors that turns honey-like in the aftertaste. 




Kubota "Senjyu" - Great with lighter dishes: fish, vegetable tempura, pork shabu shabu.

Kamoizumi "Shusen" - Goes well with fatty meats, winter vegetables, mushrooms, duck, bbq, and paella.


Kubota "Senjyu" - Serve chilled, or slightly warmed to bring out the complex layers; in a wine glass or ochoko.

Kamoizumi "Shusen" - Best enjoyed at room temperature or slightly warmed in a ochoko or whiskey glass.