Sparkling Celebration

Sparkling Celebration

Sparkling Celebration

Bottle 1 - Masumi "Sparkling"

A sparkling sake crafted specifically to go well with Japanese cuisine—but don't let that stop you from having it even when you're not having Japanese; it would be your loss to do so! The second fermentation gives it fine, even bubbles that cannot be made with gas-injected sakes. The gentle whiff of rice is also inviting.

Bottle 2 - Dewazakura "Tobiroku" Sparkling

Created to make sake that would go well with fatty meat dishes, this is a dry, sparkling ginjo. The natural bubbles from the yeast is truly delightful and will make your mouth do the happy dance. It has a wide range and can be enjoyed for any occasion; as an aperitif, with your meal, or as a digestif. Great for champagne lovers.   

 750   720
12%  15%



Outwardly, it looks just like sparkling wine, but what you get is far from grapes. It has a lovely umami presence followed by a savory depth midway, and finishes off a with lingering honey finish.


Look alive, this is one brisk drink! A festive, dry sake that Brut lovers would adore. This sake has a tangy nose of citrus, grape, and yogurt, notes of unripe strawberry and Asian pear, and has a quick, compact finish. It's that life-of-the-party person that crashes your party for an hour with amazing energy and great anecdotes, and rushes away to the next bar, leaving you wanting for more. Very dry, but its fruitiness is more apparent when closer to room temperature. 





Masumi Sparkling - Because it's umami heavy, it goes well with mid-course dishes, not just as an aperitif. Wonderful with washed-rind cheeses, risotto—especially complements lobster and truffle risottos, black cod with miso or bass.

Dewazakura Tobiroku Sparkling - Goes with a wide range of foods, anything that you'd have with champagne; think oysters, shrimp tempura, soft shell crab spider rolls.


Masumi Sparkling - Best chilled, in a a champagne flute or tulip.





Dewazakura Tobiroku Sparkling - Best enjoyed very chilled, in a champagne flute, tulip champagne glass, coupe glass.