Senkin Kamosu Junmai Daiginjo

Senkin Brewery

Senkin Kamosu Junmai Daiginjo

Senkin Kamosu Junmai Daiginjo

Senkin Brewery

Senkin Kamosu was named to express the philosophy of taking all the time needed to naturally create a masterpiece. Using the assemblage method used to make Bordeaux wines, Kamosu is created by finding the golden ratio of three locally made sake rice, the Yamada Nishiki, Kameno-o, and Omachi. It is a marriage of the age-old Bordeaux tradition and the artistry of Senkin's craftsmanship, creating a masterpiece that can only be made at this location, at this time. While it's hard to imagine balancing these three rice varieties to make one cohesive product, like any great art, once you experience it, it seems so easy, so natural, so perfect, that you wonder why it's not done all the time. Kamosu is part of the Premium series, the top line at Senkin. We obviously consider every drop of any sake precious, but like secretly having a favorite child, we consider every drop of sake from this line TRULY precious. That's because the premium line is made using the fukuro shibori method, where freshly brewed sake is put in small cloth bags and hung. No pressure is added so only gravity causes the sake to filter out, drop by precious drop.




Notes of grapes, pears, and white flowers. Balanced, minerally sweetness on the palate, this is clean, mellow and crisp. A long and dry finish.


Rice Polishing Ratio

This sake is made from Sakura Kamenoo Rice that has been polished to 35%.



Think light, fragrant dishes: white fish escabeche, seafood salad, steamed chicken, shrimp shumai, oysters, white asparagus, summer rolls with lemon and yuzu dipping sauce, steamed chicken.


Served chilled at 46.5°F to 53.5°F, in a champagne glass.


One could say Kazuki Usui, head of Senkin Brewery, is the captain that steers the sake ship: not only the ship of his brewery, but the ship of sake trend in general. When Usui, at the age of 28, took over Senkin in 2008 as its 11th generation CEO, Senkin had run to the ground and had to be liquidated. Usui had no experience in sake prior to coming to his family business, but he was coming from the world of wine, working as a restaurant sommelier, then as an instructor at the Japan Sommelier School (now FBO Academy Tokyo) at the age of 22.