Masumi “Yumedono”

Masumi/Miyasaka Brewery

Masumi Yumedono Sake

Masumi “Yumedono”

Masumi/Miyasaka Brewery

Masumi's champion sake. Made as an entrant for the annual sake competitions, Masumi adjusts the ingredients every year to tailor it to win awards; in the past, this was made with yeast No. 9, which is more grape like, but today, yeast no. 18 is used, which has a more melon flavor. The tojis say that to balance with the aroma and flavors, sakes are becoming slightly sweeter these days. Daiginjos in the old days weren't as aromatic, and were more like water, something to knock back. These days, sake that are aged less are more popular. For this sake, the toji aims for a highly aromatic, deeply flavorful, and a clean aftertaste.
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Kicks off with a complex aroma of melon, koji rice, and floral notes. Once you take it in, enjoy the fruity layers ranging from peach, melon to strawberry; ends with an incredibly clean finish. It's one glorious novel in a single cup.


Rice Polishing Ratio

This sake is made from Yamada-Nishiki rice that has been polished to 40%.


Pair it with lighter fares such as white fish, canapé, shellfish and sashimi.


Best chilled, in a wine glass.


Masumi, a nationally admired sake brand, was founded in 1662 in Suwa, where a tradition of precise craftsmanship led the city to become the center of the silk industry. Still today, this attention to detail remains at the heart of the Masumi philosophy. In the 1920's, the brewery fell on hard times.The brewery's president, Masaru Miyasaka, appointed a young, 28-year-old sake prodigy named Chisato Kubota as toji. The two travelled up and down Japan, knocking on the door of the master and seeking knowledge.