Dassai 23 Shinsei Sake + 2 Dassai Glass Cups

Asahi Shuzo - Dassai

Dassai Dex 23 Shinsei

Dassai 23 Shinsei Sake + 2 Dassai Glass Cups

Asahi Shuzo - Dassai

This sake was developed by the suggestion of Dr. Ochiai, a cancer doctor in the field of extracellular vesicle science. So what did someone in health want from sake? There is a saying in Japan: "Sake is better than any medicine," most likely due to the benefits of the fermentation in sake. With technical advances, modern sake, although probably more delicious, has drifted far from what sake used to be.

Dassai owner Sakurai had no intention of compromising the taste of Dassai, but wanted to bring back more of those health benefits sake used to have, and started looking into the old methods of brewing sake. What we get is Dassai 23 Dex Shinsei. We don't want to get too technical and confuse you (who are we kidding, a lot of these biology and medical words are just really, really hard!) but simply put, exosomes, which are believed to stimulate immune cells, are found in Shinsei 23. Sake lovers don't need an excuse to drink sake, but knowing this certainly doesn't hurt!




You can expect the same quality of the Dassai 23 in the Dassai Dex 23. It seems that was the goal in a way, to maintain the wonderful flavors or Dassai 23, but with added health benefits. So expect an elegant, floral sake with a hint of sweetness with a long, dry finish.

Rice Polishing Ratio

This sake is made from 100% Yamada-Nishiki rice that has been polished down to 23%.



This Dassai pairs well with vegetable dishes, shellfish, lobster roll and seafood dishes.


Best served chilled and in a white wine glass to bring out the aroma and taste.

Through crises and difficulties, Asahi Shuzo has carefully innovated their own unique way to brew sake. Over the past few years they adapted their work to produce sake year-round (instead of just during sake season), something all but unheard-of in the industry. By producing sake steadily, they have succeeded in minimizing variables, allowing them to focus on the minutiae of the craft. These details include labor-intensive hand-craft methods that have been proven over centuries to yield better sake, but also the most modern technology applied in the right measure, in the right places.