Fit for a King & Queen

Suigei Brewery Tenzan Brewery - Shichida

Fit for a King & Queen

Fit for a King & Queen

Suigei Brewery Tenzan Brewery - Shichida

Bottle 1 - Shichiken "Onakaya Tobin Kakoi"

With only 100 bottles produced yearly, a super premium sake that's rare to come across. This is a drip-filtered sake, or shizukuzake, made with underground water flowing from the Minami-Alps' Mt.Kaikoma, which is on the UNESCO biosphere reserve list, certifying it as a mountain with world-class waters. (Shizukuzake: Fermented rice solids are generally pressed to yield clear, fresh sake out of it. For shizukuzake, instead of applying pressure, this process is done by putting the fermented rice in burlap bags and hanging them, letting time and gravity do its work by naturally dripping-filtering out precious drops collected into a jug placed below.) Fruity with an exquisite, balanced finish. (Normally, delivery is made 1-2 months after receipt of order. ) 2019 Kura Master Gold in Junmai Daiginjo Division, Bronze in International Wine Challenge, Sake Division.

Bottle 2 - Suigei Mann

This one makes you feel as exclusive as the entire cast of Hamilton singing Happy Birthday on your birthday.....on your doorstep. Mann uses only Special A Grade Yamada Nishiki, designated so when grown in a small, localized Special A area in East Tojo, Hyogo, thought to be the most ideal place to grow Yamada-Nishiki. The Kumamoto yeast KA-1 creates powerful flavors, and combined with its gorgeous aromatics and velvety mouthfeel, well, you won't need the cast of Hamilton to make you feel like a king.

 720   720
15% 17%



Ripe red apple, soft hint of baby banana on the nose. An explosion of fresh fruit flavors on the nose, exquisitely balanced finish.


An elegant modern sake, but with bold, robust flavors. Makes a gorgeous arc from the moment the aroma reaches you to the moment it cuts away to a clean finish. Aroma of honey and melon, and a small tinge of sugared milk; light, soft texture, with a subdued sweetness and a refreshing acidity.




Shichiken "Onakaya Tobin Kakoi" - Easy to pair with any food, tacos, burgers, fried chicken, sushi, sashimi.


Suigei Mann -Complements lighter to medium dishes: sashimi, teriyaki chicken, seafood cuisine. Also great alone as an aperitif or digestif.


Shichiken "Onakaya Tobin Kakoi" - Best served chilled, room temp in a white wine glass or champagne tulip glass.


Suigei Mann - Enjoy chilled, in a wine glass or tumbler.